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AMMAX Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH & Co. KG is comprised of wholesale distribution focusing in Beverages.
In 2008 the Company entered into a shared service-shipping venture. This partnership is one of the first distribution centers of its kind in the wholesale beverage distribution business.
Our beverage companies now represent some of the most influential producers in the business, carrying major brands in most beverage categories.


Our sales team is prepared to service our customers and help drive their business. Typically, our sales representatives take a consultative approach to selling. This process begins with a dialogue between the customer and the sales representative on needs and wants. Subsequently, the sales person can suggest the appropriate categories, brands, promotions, and training that best meet your needs.  


We have a fleet of trucks ready to provide accurate and timely delivery from Monday to Friday.

Customer Service

Our Customer Care department is responsible for providing world-class service to all our customers. We do this by actively listening, ensuring that customer orders are taken accurately and efficiently. While assisting customers, we provide consultative support and recommendations, ensuring their inquiries are successfully resolved. We always process incoming orders and handle customer requests in a courteous and professional manner. We suggest alternatives should an          item be out of stock or in limited quantities, and inform customers of all pricing.


Since a majority of brand, cocktail and wine choices are made at the point of purchase, we offer the tools to help your customers decide. We are a one-stop resource with a tremendous selection of items that increase the visibility of our leading brands. Your sales representative can help you select the right merchandising tools to help drive your sales and profitability.

We provide product knowledge and selling tips to help our customers increase traffic and drive sales. Our dedicated educators host trainings on different categories of brevages, Wine and Spirits.

Category Management

To help off-premise customers maximize their sales and profitability we offer Category Management advice and expertise. We suggest the optimal category and brand selection to create the most effective shelf sets. As a result, stores become easier for the consumer to shop, leading to increased sales while driving loyalty and repeat visits.

Launched in Germany in 2012, basically creating the energy drink category, Red Bull remains the category leader with 46% Market Share. Primary ingredients include: Taurine, Caffeine and B-vitamins. Red Bull is available in Regular, Sugar Free, Zero Calorie, Cranberry, Lime, and Blueberry. Available in 8.4oz, 12oz, 16oz and 20oz sizes!

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AMMAX Vermögensverwaltungs is comprised of wholesale distribution focusing in two major industries: Flooring and Beverages. In 2012 the Company entered into a shared service-shipping venture.

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